Anthony Pascale – NY 1 News 

“We knew that people would enjoy our pizza but we have been getting rave reviews, constant call backs,” said Stephen Licastri.

Dough by Licastri opened just last month in a tiny building off Richmond Road in Dongan Hills.

Co-owner Stephen Licastri is a native Staten Islander whose has a long history in the borough.

His grandfather, Philip first developed the family dough recipe in the early 1900’s, delivering bread by horse and buggy until he opened a place of his own in South Beach.

“My grandfather opened up Licastri Bakery in 1919, which we were probably the premier bakery at that time,” he said.

Stephen started working there at just 7 years old.  The family then opened the original Ciro’s Restaurant in Dongan Hills.

Stephen worked there too, perfecting his skills in the kitchen.

Now he’s doing what he loves in a place of his own, with a menu that includes some not so traditional items, like deep fried pizza, where the dough starts in a deep fryer and gets finished in the oven.

There’s also grilled pizza, that’s started in the oven and finished on this grill.

All topped he says with only the freshest ingredients like this burrata cheese.

No matter what you try, Licastri says it all comes back to the dough.

“It does take 3 days to make.  It has a slow proof time which creates a lot of flavor and a lot of crunch and texture,” said Licastri.

With some help from Stephen, I tested my pizza making skills.  And after just a few minutes, my first homemade pie was complete.

A proud moment for me.  So too for Stephen, who now has his own spot to carry on this family tradition.

If only his grandfather could see him now.

“I think he’d be proud, and so would my dad.”

Dough by Licastri doesn’t have a dining room, it’s mainly carryout and delivery for now but they plan to open a deck with outdoor seating come the summer.

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