STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. —  After personal taste-tasting and analyses of the most famous clam sauces around New York City, Steve Licastri unveiled “The Boston Clam” a few months ago at Dough By Licastri.

Or as I like to call it, “The Great White.”

Forget (temporarily) the hot sausage crumbles and dried bing cherries that stamp a signature on other Licastri-crafted pizzas, because this bacon-on-chowder clam concoction has become the hottest selling item at the tiny Dongan Hills parlor.

So, to explain its yummy-ness, this is how “The Boston Clam” makes its magic on the palate: Bechamel sauce melds with fresh mozzarella and dollops of clam sauce reduced to a nice concentration with roasted garlic.

On top of that creamy seafood goodness comes smoke from patches of double-smoked bacon, brine from Pecorino Romano cheese and “Fleur de Sel” sea salt, followed by zing from jalapeno peppers tossed in olive oil, then roasted and chopped.